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Every business is unique with diverse objectives. We take time to evaluate and understand your business, website and goals. After all, your success is our success!


A blue print for success is a digital marketing strategy with precise goals, clear direction, timelines and solid communication to ensure we deliver the results you expect.


Your Campaign
Our advance tools and flexible techniques allow us to successfully implement and adapt your strategy to match a dynamic market. We keep our fingers on the digital pulse.


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We use logical, business focused metrics as markers for success. The data doesn’t lie and monthly result analysis lets you keep an eye on ROI. We are results based and we deliver!

Full-Service Digital Agency

Digital GlobeThe future of a business in the Internet economy hinges on image, which is projected through its website. It is no longer sufficient just to have a website, an online presence demands visibility, relevance, usability and compelling call to actions. Your website needs to be a business tool and for this you need search engine marketing: SEO search engine optimization & PPC pay-per-click. Improved organic rankings achieved through search engine optimization is only a means to an end. Increased online visibility though properly managed SEO will not only increase web traffic volume, it will drive targeted visitors who are more likely to convert into sales. Captivating, relevant SEO copywriting and user-friendly, functional web design are key elements in the process. EVER is a young, dynamic company specialising in SEO - search engine optimization. We use a combination of internationally established techniques and a vast amount of proven search engine optimisation experience to optimise your organic search marketing campaign for maximum traffic. Our proven track record in search engine optimization combined with our tactful PPC campaigns will become the foundation of a tailored Internet marketing strategy. You will then have the right model to let you harness the full potential of the Internet: Access millions of daily searches and convert visitors into customers.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?


Search engine optimisation or SEO encompasses organic, unpaid search results shown by search engines when a user makes a keyword query. The ‘big five’ search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL (along with others) base results mostly on relevance, merit of content and links (or popularity). Internet marketing consultants constantly test these areas to accomplish higher search ranking for their Internet marketing clients. In a nutshell, the clients’ success (or lack of) is directly linked to the search marketing consultants understanding of rank criteria.

However, SEO (search engine optimization) should not be treated as an independent strategy but should rather incorporate other areas of Internet marketing such as PPC, banner advertisements, article submissions, online marketing videos, newsletters, email marketing, case studies, blog posts and social media profiles.

For full service search engine optimisation, contact our Internet marketing consultants.

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